By the Events Manager

Novel settings


Every great story needs a setting. Somewhere unique. Memorable. So what will it be? A book launch in the natural light of the Biblioteca? A private dinner among friends? A working lunch with colleagues or a fashion show?

Bergara 10

Find the perfect setting for your story at Bergara 10, in the center of Barcelona. Three spaces plenty of soul, designed by Lázaro- Rosa Violán Studio, to celebrate your events.

La Favorita

An intimate and cozy room bathed in natural light, with a large window overlooking Bergara street. Ideal for small groups, birthday dinners, meetings or presentations.

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La Pérgola

A unique space with French-style windows, high ceilings, and surrounded by a garden pergola. It features integrated wall projection and can be expanded by joining with its smaller sister space, La Favorita.

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La Noble

A one-of-a-kind space. A secret library. The crown of Bergara 10. A stage for hosting meetings or dinners among friends and family. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves covered in books draw the eye to the dual projection system and create the perfect acoustics for any event or presentation.

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El Fresco

Tall trees covered in sparkling fairy lights stand at the edge of a tiled patio. Hanging plants and small dining tables are placed beneath trendy wicker lampshades and decorations. El Fresco it is a great spot to have a lunch with friends or family, under the warm summer sun.

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The Greenhouse

Mediterranean plant life grows, climbs, hangs and towers above and around the rustic wooden furniture. Daylight filters through the conservatory ceiling, and the sweet and savoury hints of our three-course menu fill the air.


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La Biblioteca

Stylish sofas and coffee tables provide areas to socialise and relax. A wooden banquet table stretches from bookshelf to bookshelf. And a wall of glass opens up to the landscaped patio.


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The Roof Terrace

Six floors up, where the drinks taste better and the music is heard louder. A large wooden terrace designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán overlooks the city. You can sit in the shade of the plants and try a menu of signature cocktails and grilled dishes that add flavor to any celebration. Don't forget to put some music in your event! 

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