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Tales to be told.

Tuesday evenings are for chilling out with drinks, tapas, and ambient music.

Wednesday features live concerts at 8:00 PM, with genres like Pop, Funk, or Electronic music.

From Thursday to Sundays, there's a DJ session from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Concerts. DJ sessions. Parties. Shared moments.

Discover here everything that's going to happen at Pulitzer Barcelona.


Isa Enes Clap Kent DJ Kosmos Marga Mbande Red Bananna Isa Enes Clap Kent DJ Kosmos Marga Mbande Red Bananna

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Isa Enes

28.09.2023 / Thursday / 19:00-22:00

Isa Enes

Isa Enes, born in the Azores, is an emerging artist on the Barcelona music scene. The variety of genres of electronic music she plays is very wide, always keeping her own always keeping her own character with her particular touches of Breaks in each of her sessions. Breaks in each of her sessions. His affinity for the search of sounds his sessions generate dynamic and intriguing atmospheres that envelop the listener, enveloping the envelop the listeners, inviting them to travel in the infinite universe of sound.

Clap Kent

29.09.2023 / Friday / 19:00-22:00

Clap Kent

After a decade shaking up the Madrid nightlife with projects focused on culture and community such as SelfCare or The Bourbaki, he decides to move to Barcelona in 2021. Collector and DJ, his selection - deep and careful - uses forgotten gems presented with a close perspective, looking slightly to the left of the horizon. During this time he has played in clubs such as Nitsa, Razzmatazz, Siroco Club, Dabadaba, Ballesta Club, Café Berlín, Mondo Club, Stardust Club, Laut, La Terrazza, Virage, Brilliant Corners, Mancuso Departamento Studio Bar and Bombón Condesa. And at festivals such as Primavera Sound, Soundit or Kamiwaza.

DJ Kosmos

30.09.2023 / Saturday / 19:00-22:00

DJ Kosmos

Kosmos is not one of those djs who leave you indifferent. A pioneer of electronic music in Spain, his importance in the evolution of the club culture in this club culture in this country is unquestionable, being not only an elite dj, but also an activist. an elite dj, but also an activist. Kosmos is one of the most the most requested dj's in the best clubs and festivals, both nationally and internationally, maintaining among this frenetic four crucial residencies, Nitsa Club, Nasty Bass, Nasty Bass (now renamed Bass Bunny) both at Apolo, Macarena Club and the mythical Moog in Arc del Teatre street.

Red Bananna

01.10.2023 / Sunday / 19h-22h

Red Bananna

A collector and selector of vinyl music since the age of 15. In her vinyl sessions, she highlights rhythms from Latin America, the Caribbean Coast, middle East and Africa. She wants to promote community, but above all to generate good energy, enjoy the music and dance. She is a member of La Otra Rumba Barcelona, a collective of Afro-Latin rhythms on the vinyl format which, among others, seeks to highlight the role of female selectors in the music scene and industry. In addition, RedBananna hosts her own show at Radio Relativa, an online radio station based in Madrid, since February 2022.