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Tales to be told.

Monday and Tuesday evenings are for chilling out with drinks, tapas, and ambient music.

Wednesday features live concerts at 8:00 PM, with genres like Pop, Funk, or Electronic music.

From Thursday to Sundays, there's a DJ session from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Concerts. DJ sessions. Parties. Shared moments.

Discover here everything that's going to happen at Pulitzer Barcelona.


Nicole Torrealba Gee Lane T. Modet DJ Flaaviø Red Bananna Nicole Torrealba Gee Lane T. Modet DJ Flaaviø Red Bananna

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Nicole Torrealba

29.05.2024 / Wednesday / 20:00-21:00

Nicole Torrealba

Nicole Torrealba (a.k.a Nicole.aiff) is a multi-instrumentalist artist, producer, and DJ born in Caracas, Venezuela, and based in Barcelona. Nicole has been making music for as long as she can remember. Self-taught, she has learned to play several instruments (drums, guitar, bass, Latin percussion...) and to compose, eventually delving into the world of production. Her style reflects a fusion of contemporary styles such as neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop, and alternative music, which she fuses with Latin folklore genres such as boleros, merengue, Latin soul, and Cuban son, as she feels they represent her identity.

Gee Lane

30.05.2024 / Thursday / 19:00-22:00

Gee Lane

Gee Lane is a Venezuelan DJ based in Barcelona who has been passionately doing her thing for over 20 years now. Funk, Latin, hip-hop, house and jazz have further influenced her sound. Driven by a feel for an Eclectic sets, a passion to present new sounds to the audience every time, Gee Lane has played everywhere, from Sonar Festival, Kala Festival (Albania), Melt Festival to Panorama Bar.

T. Modet

31.05.2024 / Friday / 19:00-22:00

T. Modet

T_Modet, also known as Lydia González, created a very important connection with music through sounds from around the world and their most primal origins. The multiplicity of records that make up her music collection offers her endless possibilities when it comes to planning her sets, always eclectic and in search of envelopment and depth in dance. Currently, she is a visible figure in many national and local spaces in the city of Barcelona. We can see her regularly at Laut club, where she unleashes her most acidic and dancefloor-oriented side, as well as at Sala Apolo and Razmatazz.

DJ Flaaviø

01.06.2024 / Saturday / 19:00-22:00

DJ Flaaviø

DJ Flaaviø, based in Berlin, has arrived in Barcelona and is ready to share his collection of disco/nu-disco/house gems with you. Inspired by all kinds of "Berlin nights," he decided to create his own called You Mean So Much in 2022, and since then he has booked and played alongside DJs such as Felipe Gordon, Alex from Tokyo, Kristy Harper, Austin Ato, and many more. Flaaviø is also a resident at London's online station, Netil Radio.