Christmas at Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

Barcelona at Christmas is a kaleidoscope of lights, flavors, and traditions that make you feel like you're in a traditional tale (but very modern), reflecting the essence that permeates the Ciudad Condal.

As a starting point, Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona stands out as a strategic point to have all the magic of Christmas within reach. Today, we talk about five Christmas customs that are intensely experienced in this vibrant city, which transforms every December, and ones you'll want to be a part of.

1. Lights Dancing in the Darkness Along the Most Emblematic Streets

Barcelona lights up at Christmas, and it's not just a figure of speech! From late November, the streets are adorned with a cloak of twinkling lights. Strolling along Las Ramblas or Passeig de Gràcia under this artificial starry sky is an experience you can't miss. Each year, the light designs vary, turning the city into an open-air art gallery.


2. Santa Llúcia Market: A Festival for the Senses

Right in front of the majestic Barcelona Cathedral, the Santa Llúcia Market is a feast for the senses. Here, you can find everything from nativity scene figures to plants or typical figures like the 'caganer,' a unique character in Catalan culture. We won't spoil what it is so that you can discover it yourself and not break the magic. And let's not forget the aromas of roasted chestnuts and the sweet scent of nougat that permeate everything!

3. El Tió de Nadal: A Tradition for Kids that Amazes Adults

El Tió de Nadal is a cheerful and amusing log that 'brings' gifts to children (the most anticipated moment of the season). From early December, children 'feed' it and cover it with a blanket so it doesn't get cold. On Christmas Eve, they sing traditional songs while hitting the Tió with sticks for it to 'poop' gifts. Yes, you read that right! It's one of those unique traditions that you'll only find in Catalonia.

4. The Grand Parade of the Three Wise Men

On the night of January 5th, the Three Wise Men arrive in the city in a spectacular parade full of magic and color. Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthasar travel through the streets, tossing candies to the children in a tradition that fascinates both locals and visitors. Pay attention because this will be the route of Their Majesties from the East:

   •   6:00 PM: av. Marquès de l’Argentera

   •   6:15 PM: pg. Colom

   •   7:10 PM: av. Paral·lel

   •   7:30 PM: rda. Sant Pau

   •   7:45 PM: Mercado de Sant Antoni

   •   8:30 PM: c. Sepúlveda

   •   8:45 PM: pl. Espanya

   •   9:15 PM: av. Reina Maria Cristina

5. Three Christmas Meals That No One Can Miss

And finally, what would Christmas be without sharing a good meal with friends or family? In Barcelona, this tradition takes on a special meaning on three significant dates marked in red on Christmas at The GreeenHouse restaurant in Hotel Pulitzer.

We dress up for three culinary events that promise to delight guests. On December 25th, the tradition of Christmas Day is celebrated with 'Escudella y Pularda,' dishes that combine the best of Spanish gastronomic customs with a creative touch from the chef. On December 26th, the day of Saint Stephen, the eagerly awaited Canelones arrive, considered the kings of Catalan cuisine at Christmas. Finally, on New Year's Eve, known as Nochevieja, December 31st is lived intensely. We prepare for the New Year with the twelve traditional lucky grapes and a grand dinner to enthusiastically welcome 2024.