Pulitzer Barcelona
has a new story to tell,

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One day you’ll say this is where it all began

A Catalan lunch among plants and tapas. A warm summer night dancing on the rooftop terrace. A room that felt so much like home. And the unmistakable fragrance...

Set the scene

Where will your story take place?

On a balcony?

An elegant sofa?

A private sun-bathed terrace?

Our rooms

Read the wider story

Follow our local streets into the tales of yesterday. Let them guide you through today’s design, culture and gastronomy. And get a glimpse of the memories you could make tomorrow.

Our location

Add some flavour

Indulge in the traditional cuisine. Open Kitchen, ingredients from the market, wine from organic grapes. Served everywhere from the lobby to the rooftop.

Eat & Drink

Plot your journey

A dinner under green plants. Low-fi beats in a rooftop bar. Massages in your room. Get a taste of the experiences that could enrich your story.


Make it an event

Is your adventure based around one big set-piece? Perhaps a long-awaited reunion, an important meeting or a musical roof party?

Private events

Hear our back story

Uncover some little-known information about the people pulling the strings behind your stay. There are few who know our past. Be one of them. 

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