Where to buy souvenirs in Barcelona that are very 'Barcelona'

Don't fall into the trap of getting a souvenir that has nothing to do with the essence of Barcelona. These addresses are perfect for getting something special.

"It's quite common to reserve the last day of a trip for small purchases and to take something that captures the essence of everything experienced. All good. But when we think of the word 'souvenir' the first things that come to mind are magnets, keychains, tote bags with something typical of the destination, and other similar items (with a dubious sense of aesthetics). Speaking of Barcelona, we visualize, for example, the typical Gaudí figurines or T-shirts printed with 'I was in BCN and thought of you.' All very kitschy and not very 2023.


What if we want to take home something more authentic, something that truly encapsulates life in the Ciudad Condal? Well, there are many options far from the most conventional tourist circuit. From historic shops to new proposals that work hand in hand with local designers, we present you with some addresses so that your gifts or personal mementos are a success and don't turn your home into a fair.

1. La Manual Alpargatera

An institution in the city, the first espadrille shop in Barcelona (since 1940), still known for its traditional handmade espadrilles. Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter, this charming store attracts both locals and visitors seeking authentic footwear deeply rooted in Catalan culture.

Carrer d'Avinyó, 7

2. Take Home the Scent of Pulitzer Barcelona

What better memento than the scent of the hotel where you found happiness? At Pulitzer Barcelona, you can take home that encapsulated fragrance; after all, smell is the sense most tied to memory. Each note is meticulously crafted to recreate the serenity and splendor of an unforgettable stay. To live the Pulitzer experience, make your reservation here.

C/ de Bergara, 8

3. Rodés Bookstore

For those seeking charming bookstores and wanting to take home a good read as a memento, the century-old Rodés Bookstore, located in the historic center, will be a true paradise. A great plan: get lost among its shelves.

Carrer dels Banys Nous, 8

4. La Virreina, Center of Image

La Virreina's store is a little paradise for lovers of photography and contemporary art. Here, you can find everything from exclusive books to works by local artists—a perfect way to remember Barcelona beyond its tourist façade.

La Rambla, 99

5. Hey Shop!

For color and design enthusiasts, this store in Raval offers fashion, accessories, prints, stationery, decor... all with a meticulously curated and modern aesthetic that collaborates closely with local designers. It's the solution for all your gifts.

C. del Doctor Dou, 4

6. Colmado Casa Buendía

A traditional grocery store with local and always high-quality products. Surely, your stay in Barcelona has been marked by its delicious gastronomy, so taking part of its flavor with you will always be a good idea.

C/ de Roger de Flor, 139

7. Cerería Subirà

Founded in 1761, this candle shop is one of the oldest and most emblematic gems in Barcelona. From the Born neighborhood, it preserves an ancestral charm, transporting customers to an era when candlelight was a daily marvel. Each Subirà candle is a piece of art created with traditional techniques.

Baixada de la Llibreteria, 7