Where to celebrate your event without losing your mind

If there's one thing people in Barcelona know how to do, it's to celebrate and enjoy life! In fact, that vibrant, Mediterranean, and lively spirit is what draws thousands of tourists to visit its streets every year to experience it firsthand. Barcelonians, with their love for doing things well, know how to organize unforgettable events and parties. And, to do so, they are fortunate to have the best locations.

Whether it's an intimate dinner, a business meeting, or a party with friends, the city hides an endless variety of places filled with history that have been modernized without losing their essence. From old warehouses now serving as party halls to iconic buildings that can be reserved for private events. One of these places we know well is the Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona, a boutique hotel located in the heart of the city, featuring several unique and charming spaces where yu can host your party or event in style.

El Fresco

El Fresco es un lugar encantador que ofrece un ambiente relajado lleno de naturaleza, algo así como un oasis urbano. Con troncos envueltos en guirnaldas de luz, plantas colgantes y mesas bajo lámparas de mimbre, este espacio es ideal para eventos íntimos en un entorno acogedor y, sobre todo, muy verde. La combinación de luz y vegetación es la clave. El Fresco es una de las mejores terrazas gastronómicas que hay en pleno centro. Alucinarás!

The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is another stunning space at the Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona. Mediterranean vegetation grows and climbs around the wooden furniture, creating a unique atmosphere. The natural light filtering through the greenhouse roof and the aromas from the delicious menu make this space a perfect option for memorable events. Whether it's a birthday or a business lunch, book what you need and let yourself be taken care of by this great team of professionals.

La Biblioteca

Is the perfect place for a breakfast or informal meeting. With comfortable sofas and coffee tables, this space offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. A wooden table that stretches from one bookshelf to another and a glass wall that opens onto the landscaped courtyard make. La Biblioteca is an ideal spot for quiet gatherings and meaningful conversations.

La Terraza del Pulitzer

Get ready to discover the outdoor crown jewel of the Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona: its spectacular terrace. Located six floors up, La Terraza del Pulitzer offers an impressive view of the city’s rooftops. This wooden space, designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán, is perfect for enjoying refreshing drinks and live music. Under the shade of plants, guests can savor signature cocktails and grilled dishes, adding flavor and style to any celebration. La Terraza del Pulitzer is the perfect place to end the day with a memorable party under the Barcelona sky.

We recommend keeping an eye on the Pulitzer Barcelona's Instagram profile because their terrace is naturally more vibrant than ever in the summer. For example, in July, they will host one of the most acclaimed local musicians of the moment, Cesc Sansalvadó, known simply as CESC. This young artist started playing on the city’s streets, and his unique style, blending pop and folk, soon led him to leave behind his career as a primary school teacher to fully dedicate himself to music. This decision earned him the affection of the local audience, performing in various corners of Barcelona. Mark the date: July 24th at La Terraza del Pulitzer.

Next to the Hotel Pulitzer, we find Bergara 10, a unique venue that houses a collection of three spaces with plenty of character, also designed by the renowned studio of Lázaro-Rosa Violán. Each of these spaces has a distinct, characteristic, and special atmosphere, perfect for all types of private events. Let's delve into them.

La Favorita

La Favorita is an intimate and cozy room known for its abundant natural light, provided by a large window overlooking Bergara Street. This space is perfect for small groups, such as birthday dinners, meetings, or presentations. The warm atmosphere and discreet elegance of La Favorita make it the ideal venue for events that require a personal and exclusive touch.

La Pérgola

For those seeking a unique atmosphere, La Pérgola is an excellent choice. With its French-style windows and high ceilings, this space surrounded by a garden pergola has a special character. It features an integrated projection screen on the wall and can be expanded by connecting to La Favorita, providing an even larger space for larger events. The combination of elegance and functionality makes La Pérgola a versatile venue for any type of event.

La Noble

La Noble is undoubtedly the most imposing space at Bergara 10. Resembling a secret library, this space is designed to impress. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with books create a unique atmosphere. The double integrated projection and excellent acoustics make La Noble the perfect setting for important meetings or memorable dinners among friends and family. Like Barcelona itself, it is a place that combines classic elegance with modern technology—a duality that appeals to everyone.