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Across their various disciplines, the artists invited to take part in the “Experiencia Pulitzer” initiative created part of their work while drawing inspiration from the atmosphere of our suite, and in doing so they became involved in a cultural project that was also an act of solidarity. A whole host of artists were invited to create a work of art especially for the project.

Painter Jordi Sardà, actor Jorge Sanz, sculptor Luís Vidal, illustrator Silvia Prada, filmmaker Poldo Pomés and award-winning graphic designer Pati Núñez were just a few of the creators and artists who stayed in the Pulitzer’s suite.

The plan for the “Experiencia Pulitzer” project was for the Pulitzer hotel to hold a presentation event for the collection of works and the book. During the presentation it was possible to buy the different works created for the project. The profits from these sales were donated to the Sira Mamy project organised by YAMUNA, an NGO that provides, among other social projects, professional training in the catering trade for marginalised women in Vontovorona and Antananarivo (Madagascar).

For the last four years, YAMUNA has been working on social projects aimed at the two most disadvantaged sectors of Madagascan society, street women and children with no family, with the goal of giving them the opportunity to reintegrate into society with dignity. The aim of the Sira Mamy project is to generate income and jobs, and to train women to enable them to find career opportunities in the tourism sector; women who at present find it very difficult to access a job market that is virtually non-existent to them.

For more information http://www.experienciapulitzer.org/ong.php

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