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Pulitzer Date Night

We have something new to tell you, and that is that we offer you to stay with us all night looong.

Yes! Now you can join the new “Pulitzer Date Night” plan and enjoy your delicious dinner and comfortable room in our hotel from start to finish.

For a special night, with a partner or friends; to find out if that date is a “Match”…
In any of the cases, we will be waiting for you, a few steps away from your room, in our lobby, so that everything stays at home and you don’t have to move. Nowhere.

Discover our proposal:

TAPAS (To share)
Croquettes by Pulitzer (Chicken, truffle and parmesan)
Bravas Pulitzer
Steak tartar with truffle, herring roe, egg yolk and carasatu bread

CHOOSE 1 (To share)
Burrata, charcoal-grilled tomato, rocket and pistachio pesto
Pulitzer’s Caesar (crispy chicken, bacon, smoked sardine and pickled gherkin)
Charcoal Braised Vegetables with Romesco Sauce and Black Garlic (v)

A CHOICE (per person)
Grilled salmon with pack choy and sage and lemon meuniere sauce
Beef sirloin steak with creamy parsnip sauce, beef jus and confit tomatoes
Main course of the week (veggie option)

A CHOICE (per person)
Chocolate cream with tonka bean crumble and banana compote
Tiramisu Pulitzer
Creamy Lemon Pie with crumble and Turkish yoghurt
Creamy Cheesecake with Lime

Glass of wine or beer or soft drink
Mineral water
Coffee and infusions




or contact us at frontdesk@hotelpulitzer.es and +34 93 481 67 67