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Pulitzer terrace



Music at Pulitzer’s rooftop keeps on playing louder than ever. From August until October you can come to visit us and enjoy our LIVE bands and the best Dj Sets of Barcelona from 18h to 24h. Mind you, always keeping a safe distance, using face mask if you’re standing, and following the hygene protocol mandatory during these Covid-19 times.

So, what to find in #BuenasTardesPulitzer?

Thrusday are reserved for pop, electronic and funk groups from the local and international independent scene. Betty Belle, beGun, Brigitte Laverne, Big Summer, Chancha Vía Circuito, Nadia Reid, Tversky or Twin Drama are just some of the names that will be performing live this season.

Friday and Saturday nights are devoted to sets by well-known DJs from various clubs and collectives, AWWZ, Bearoid, Playless, Raver Jewish, Sonido Tupinamba, Trujillo o Vanity Dust to name just a few, will be providing the entertainment.

F-R-I-D-A-Y-S…you like them, don’t you? Well, we love them too! That is why one Friday every month we organise “These Charming Evenings” and we pack it very full thanks to our Music Consultant and DJ, Borja Malet. He will be joined at the turntables by friends and leading figures from the world of music and culture, such as Miqui Puig, Mònica Escudero, Òscar & David Broc and Ariana Diaz. It is a unique chance. We know it. And to top it all, free entry!

Fancy a drink? The Terraza del Pulitzer stands out for its carefully chosen selection of cocktails prepared by its bartenders.

And for the foodies? At the Terraza del Pulitzer we offer a well-thought-out fresh and informal menu that is perfect for all tastes : Bellota reserve ham, artisan cheeses board, homemade “croquetas”, fried chicken sandwich, patatas bravas Pulitzer style, chilli peppers with radish pickles, cheeseburger, onion and mustard…

The Terraza del Pulitzer is a fantastic option for an evening of music and is in the same league as any of Barcelona’s fashionable nightlife spots. Buenas Tardes Pulitzer will be playing out loud and clear in this new 2018 season.


Private events and Information:

Do you love our terrace as much as we do? We can book it JUST FOR YOU. Just ask us! Give us a call on (+34) 934816767 or send us an email to events@grhoteles.com


  • From 06/08 opened from Wednesday to Sunday from 18h until 24h.
  • BBQ opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday: 19h to 22:30h.
  • Free entry. No table booking. Limited capacity.


LIVE MUSIC from August to October:

  • Thrusday: gigs by various artists from the independent scene: pop, electronic and funk groups such as Alien Tango, Sexy Bicycle o Deco Pilot: from 20.00 to 21.00 approximately.
  • Friday and Saturday: DJ sets by various Barcelona clubs and groups: from 19.00 to 22.00 approximately. One Friday each month the DJ set will be replaced by one of our “These Charming Evenings” sessions.
  • Wednesday and Sunday: on the terrace you can hear the best playlists that have been carefully put together by our Music Consultant. So that there may always be good music!


And as a newness, the “by Aperol Spritz” sessions. Very special sessions that will begin on May the 18th with the live performance of Bearoid and that each month will bring prominent artists.

  • 18/05: Aperol Primavera Sound Concert.
  • 13/07: Top Event Aperol.
  • 14/09 Top Event Aperol.

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