Are you looking for the convenience of a door-to-door tour of the city?

Look no further. Hire a Sparky electric scooter in our lobby

Our new electric scooters are a fun, practical and eco-friendly way to explore Barcelona.

It’s faster than walking, easier than cycling, and the pick-up-and-go system works with an app. All you need to do is scan the QR code to collect your scooter in the lobby before setting off to discover the hidden delights in our beautiful city.

The Pulitzer puts safety first, so the hire cost includes insurance against theft, loss or damage of the scooter and personal and third-party injury cover. And remember: the maximum speed is 20 km/h and you must always wear a helmet.

Enjoy 30 minutes extra on the house when you hire a scooter for at least 1 hour.

Price: €3.00 /30 minutes.

€29.00 for a full day.