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The Top 6 Paella restaurants in Barcelona!

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

The Hotel Pulitzer Barcelona is alwais giving the best tips to enjoy Barcelona! This time we are going to let you know where you’ll find the best Paella restaurantes in the city!

Barcelona is not only a city famous for Modernism and sunny beaches. As well as being a cult centre for worshippers of Gaudi, the Catalan capital offers the utmost in the region’s culture of gastronomy. Paella may not be a specialty for Cataluña in the same way as Fuet for example, however the city’s restaurants have continuously reinvented their recipes and offer succulent Paellas waiting to be discovered! But with so many tourist traps as well as the more ‘typical’ restaurants where can you find a really good Paella in Barcelona?

1. Les 7 Portes

An ideal location in the district of Barceloneta, this restaurant offers a wide variety of rice dishes so it is quite natural to find a number of different types of Paella on the menu, each as appetising as the next. Those looking for a mixed paella with sea food or a traditional Valencian-style paella served with black rice will be delighted by the offer and completely enraptured by the talents of the chef; all for only 12€! Don’t wait any longer; come and discover this little restaurant that dates back to 1836 and has served a whole host of famous characters including Orson Welles, Federico Garcia Lorca and even Picasso.

2. Elche

Many consider this restaurant the true shrine for Paella in Barcelona. Don’t let the dark uniforms of the waiters put you off, first impressions may be formidable but the staff are really pleasant. And the cuisine is just as impressive as the service! The Paellas are really spectacular, particularly the Paella Catalan. If you have never had the chance to try it, it’s now or never. The difference lies in the type of rice or fine pasta that is used instead of plain white rice. It is a delicious specialty for any paella amateur who will leave the restaurant with a positive experience and for a more than reasonable price.

3. Escriba – El Xiringuito

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the scene: you and your loved one alongside the beach; dining face to face with a view overlooking the sea, and just a stroll away from the two symbolic towers of Barcelona lighting up the night sky. It’s a beautiful night and you are both enjoying a delicious Paella. Not a bad dream, eh? Well you can come back down to earth because the place really exists and can be found on the beach front at playa de Bogatell. The ‘Escriba’, or the “Chiringuito de Bogatell”, this unique ‘beach bar’ not only offers one of the best Paellas in Barcelona but a whole selection of typical Catalan dishes prepared with fresh fish. Well-known and popular amongst the locals it is often necessary to book a table, particularly in summer if you want a table outside.

4. Roig Robí

The chefs of Roig Robí have been satisfying the palates of Barcelona’s inhabitants for 25 years. This restaurant has gradually become one of the city’s most noteworthy locations especially famous for its fresh sea food produce that is delivered to the restaurant twice a day. A special talent for innovation and creativity has enabled the Roig Robí chefs to give traditional Catalan cuisine a completely new image. Their true speciality is the absolutely exquisite Prawn Paella that is served in a colourful and really pleasant atmosphere!

5. El Pollo Rico

El Pollo Rico is not a 4 star restaurant, and as the name suggests is a popular location, and the frequent haunt of students. However it would be a challenge to find a Paella in Barcelona that matches the price-quality balance that is offered at El Pollo Rico. Just 3.50€ per dish! It is a Paradise for young people (and the not so young as well!)

6. Can Majó

We have kept the best for last. This quite exceptional restaurant really cannot be rivalled. Can Majó is located on the sea front promenade at Barceloneta. Dating back 40 years, this 100% Mediterranean restaurant has made a name for itself in Barcelona with recipes that have been passed down from father to son and produce carefully chosen and personally selected by the chef himself. You will quite likely taste the best Paella in Barcelona. Although it is not the most economical of locations, as the saying goes: when it comes to love you don’t count the cost!